£1,320.00 Exc VAT*

The Warrior 212P AC/DC Portable TIG Welder is a portable, dual-voltage, air-cooled 200 Amp inverter pulse TIG welder with a 240V single-phase input, designed for on-site use and ideal for all types of TIG welding up to 12mm thickness. This welding machine can be used in both AC and DC modes for TIG or MMA welding allowing the welding of virtually any metal.

The Warrior 212P AC/DC Portable TIG Welder has a constant current squarewave AC/DC power source, designed for TIG and MMA welding and adjustable power pulsing allowing reduced heat input and increased penetration. Most steels can be welded in DC mode quickly using the pulse power function, whilst the AC mode allows the welding of aluminium and magnesium.

This TIG welding machine has fan on-demand cooling, squarewave balance control, digital display meters, pulse control, frequency control AC, pre-gas and post-gas timers and hot start up/down slope controls. The Warrior 212P AC/DC Portable TIG Welder has power control built into the torch handle and has an additional foot control option. As it can operate with +/- 15% of nominal mains voltage, the Warrior 212P AC/DC TIG Welder can be used with either our Bison Mark II 10kVA or Bison Whisper Single-Phase 10kVA Diesel Generator.

The Warrior 212P AC/DC TIG Welder is also available to buy on a TIG trolley, specifically designed to fit under a workbench, and comes either air-cooled or water-cooled.


Input voltage110V/240V single-phase
Duty cycle200A @ 65%
Input current27.3–31.9A
Output current range10–200A
Insulation classIP23S
Weight 12kg
Frame dimensions (L x W x H)460 x 170 x 320mm
MMA function
Generator friendly

Supplied With

PRO9 Flexi Head 12.5ft torch--
PRO17 or PRO9 Flexi Head 12.5ft torchY
PRO26 Flexi Head 12.5ft torch--
PRO18 SC Flexi Head 12.5ft torch--
5m earth cable (with crocodile type clamp)Y
5m SY armoured mains cableY
32A 3-pin mains plugY
32A 5-pin mains plug--
Warrior argon regulatorY
1m argon hose--
3m argon hose--
5m argon hoseY
5-year warranty (excl. consumable items)Y
Mounted on industrial easy-lift frameY
Mounted on Warrior TIG trolley with locking castors--
Mounted on bottle carrying trolley with water cooler--


PRO9 Flexi Head 25ft torch--
PRO17 Flexi Head 25ft torch£23.00

Additional Options

32-16A mains adapter (240V only)--
32-13A mains adapter (240V only)--
16-32A mains adapter (240V only)£38.00
13-32A mains adapter (240V only)£38.00
16-13A mains adapter (240V only)£38.00
10m SY mains cable extension£98.95
10m Argon hose extension£49.95
Water-cooled package (Warrior 240V water cooler & PRO20 12.5ft torch)--
Water-cooled package (Warrior 240V water cooler & PRO20 25ft torch)--
Bison Mark II 10kVA 110/240V Generator


Customer collectionFrom our premises by Appointment Only
Mainland UK£60 (exclusions apply, enquire for further details)
Northern Ireland£135
Republic of Ireland£160
Shipped fully assembled, mounted on its cradle and on a pallet: Y

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