Staying safe and protected is essential when working in a welding environment. You should ensure that you are using the correct safety equipment before welding to protect yourself and others. Below is a small selection of the welding safety equipment, ideal for workshop use, which we supply. However, if you are looking for other welding protection, please ask us and we will aim to provide you with whatever you need.


warrior welders

£365.00 Exc VAT*

The Proline PAPR Welding Helmet offers welders comfort and protection with continuous, automatically variable air flow control. With a TH2 protection factor, the Proline PAPR is suitable for most welding applications.

We supply consumable items for this product – contact us if you need a replacement part.

  • Automatic variable flow rate: 165-200-230 1/min
  • Auto shutdown if unused for 30 minutes
  • TH2 PRSL protection
  • Li-ion battery gives 4-8 hours use
  • 3-4 hours recharge time
  • Liquid crystal display
  • Warning light and audio alarm for filter block, battery and overheating



£86.95 Exc VAT*

The Electronic Auto-Darken Welding Helmet is a new generation product for labour protection. Some new and high science and technology are integrated, such as LCD, optoelectronics detection, solar power, microelectronics. This welding mask not only efficiently protects operators’ eyes from injuries caused by arc gouging but also makes both hands free and strike arc accurately. Therefore, the quality of products and work efficiency may be raised considerably. It can be widely used for various welding, cutting, spraying and arc gouging.

We supply consumable items for this product – contact us if you need a replacement part.

• Filter dimension: 110mm x 90mm x 8.5mm
• View area: 97mm x 47mm
• Light shade number: 4
• Dark shade number: 9 – 13
• UV/IR protection: upDIN15
• Time from light to dark: 1/10000s
• Time from dark to light: 0.1 – 0.9s
• Sensitivity/delay: Adjustable stepless
• Power supply: Solar cells
• Operating temperature: -10oC – 65oC (14oF – 149oF)
• Grind function: Yes
• Manufacturer warranty: 2 years