Warrior CUT 160 Inverter Plasma Cutter

The warrior CUT160 is our most powerful Inverter Plasma cutter.

Designed to interface with a CNC profile cutting table, it will cut 45mm thick plate.

The Warrior CUT160 plasma cutting system uses an inverter power supply to provide a stepless controlled DC output voltage producing excellent cut and gouge quality on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Supplied with a Trafimet Water Cooled Torch for long periods of cutting. Air is the primary plasma gas, providing low operating cost combined with high-speed performance. Cylinder air or shop air can be used as long as it is clean, dry and oil-free. When properly set and maintained, the pressure regulator and gas filter on the power unit ensure that the correct pressure and flow rate is supplied to the system. The CUT160 also features a remote control socket, and digital display to show the operating current selected.

It is so reliable that we include a 5 YEAR PARTS and LABOUR warranty.

Package Includes:

  • 160 AMP 415V power source
  • Trafimet Water Cooled Machine Torch + spares
  • Trolley
  • Earth cable
  • Stepless power control
  • Digital AMP meter

Can be supplied with a Trafimet Air Cooled Torch (£2500+VAT)

Warranty:This machine is supplied with 5 YEAR PARTS and LABOUR warranty. (Excluding consumable items).

Price: £3950+VAT
Shipping: £60.00*


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