330 AMP Three phase Warrior Mig

The Warrior 330 MIG welder is a very reliable, easy to use, high quality inverter MIG Welder delivering 330A. This machine has run for 7 hours continuous welding at 295A.

It is highly portable only weighing 33kg.
It has a highly efficient design, allowing it to run off an 8kVA generator.
Fitted with digital ampmeter and digital voltmeter.
Fitted with soft-start technology to reduce spatter.
Fitted with a powerful 4 rollers wire feed.

This machine is also superb for Aluminium welding and mig brazing.

Every machine is setup and tested to the customers requirement before shipping. We ship this fully assembled on its cradle on a pallet.

Our duty cycles are very high, we have customers that use this machine for pipe-cladding and they weld for over 5 hours continuously at a time using an automatic torch-rotator @ 180 amps.

It is so reliable that we include a 3-YEAR PARTS and LABOUR warranty.


  • 415 Volts, high quality inverter MIG Welder
  • Highly Portable, can handle 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 wire
  • Weighs 33kg
  • Welding current 20-330 amps.
  • Stepless power control
  • Variable spatter control (inductance)
  • Soft Start, very good on aluminium (very low spatter)
  • Digital volt/ampmeter

Our gas saving device stops the gas surge that occurs (Everytime the trigger is pulled) reduces gas consumption by upto 30%.

Supplied with:

  • MB36 4 metre torch
  • 5m x 50mm heavy duty earth cable and clamp
  • 5m SY armoured mains cable
  • Plastic spool cover
  • 5 metre Argon hose
  • Argon Regulator and flowmeter
  • Mounted on Industrial Easy Lift Frame with Easy Move Castors

Warranty: This machine is supplied with 3 YEAR PARTS and LABOUR warranty. (Excluding consumable items).

Price: £1295 +VAT
Shipping: £60.00*


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