250 AMP Single phase Warrior Mig

The 250 AMP Single phase Warrior Mig is a very reliable, easy to use, high quality inverter MIG Welder. It is highly portable only weighing 33kg. It has a highly efficient design, allowing it to run off a 5.5kVA generator.

Constructed using plated through printed circuit boards for extreme reliability, while allowing modular repair by changing boards or repair at component level on the circuit boards.

It is so reliable that we include a 3 YEAR PARTS and LABOUR warranty.

4-roller drive version is very good for welding ALUMINIUM plate.

Our duty cycles are very high, we have customers that use this machine for pipe-cladding and they weld for 5 hours continuous using an automatic torch-rotator @ 180 amps.


  • Input voltage 240V
  • Inverter MIG welder
  • Weight 33kg
    This machine has run for 7 hours continuous at 235A.
  • Stepless power control
  • Variable spatter control (inductance)
  • Soft start
  • Digital readout of current
  • Digital readout of voltage
  • Can take up to 15kg spools
  • Wire range 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 mm diameter

Supplied with:

  • Pro MB25 4 metre Torch
  • Plastic spool cover
  • Gas regulator
  • Earth clamp

Our gas saving device stops the gas surge that occurs (Everytime the trigger is pulled) reduces gas consumption by upto 30%.

Optional Extras:

  • Bottle Carrying Trolley (£198 + VAT)

Warranty: This machine is supplied with 3 YEAR PARTS and LABOUR warranty. (Excluding consumable items).

Price: £950+VAT
Shipping: £60.00*
post gas control £43+VAT


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