170 AMP Single phase Warrior Mig

The 170 AMP Single phase Warrior Mig is a very reliable, easy to use, high-quality inverter Welder, providing MMA and MIG Welding. It is highly portable, weighing just 19kg. It has a highly efficient design, allowing it to run off a 5kVA generator.

It provides stepless adjustable welding voltage and current with excellent welding characteristics, with adjustable burnback control. 170 AMP Single phase Warrior Mig is a multi-process machine, offering; MIG welding (Gas & Gasless), stick/arc welding and scratch start TIG welding.

It has a duty cycle of 160A @35% and 100A at 100% with current ranges of 10-160 amps in MMA welding and 25-175 amps in MIG welding. It takes a 5 kg spool of MIG wire, in 0.6, or 0.8 mm. It offers excellent welding characteristics with both MIG and Arc-welding.


  • Input voltage 240V
  • Weight 19kg
  • 160A at 35% duty cycle
  • 100A at 100% duty cycle
  • Current adjustment range MIG 25-14-175A
  • Current adjustment MMA welding 10-160A
  • 85% efficiency
  • Stepless voltage and current control
  • Adjustable burnback control
  • Polarity selection
  • Soft start
  • Can take up to 5kg spools
  • Wire range 0.6, 0.8mm, 1mm diameter

Supplied with:

  • MB15 3 metre torch
  • Earth clamp
  • Gas regulator

Warranty: This machine is supplied with 3 YEAR PARTS and LABOUR warranty. (Excluding consumable items).

Price: £485 + VAT (£582.00)
Shipping: £25.00 + VAT*


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